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Support for Arab-Israeli-Palestinian Peace is Big Time Bi-Partisan

Progress toward Arab-Israeli-Palestinian peace has depended on active leadership by Democratic and Republican Administrations:

Denying or Affirming the ‘Other’

In a time of deep disappointment and frustration with the lack of progress toward peace, when in Israel, racism toward Arabs finds new ugly expressions and when in Iran and Arab countries, Holocaust denial continues to find substantial public support, the Parents Circle, composed of Israelis and Palestinians who lost family members in the conflict and work together for peace and reconciliation, sets a challenging standard for work American Jews, Christians and Muslims need to do together.

U.S. Disengagement or Engagement for Peace?

In his December 10 New York Times column entitled, Reality Check, Tom Friedman wrote, “America must get out of the way so Israelis and Palestinians can see clearly, without any obstructions, what reckless choices their leaders are making.”


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