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Borders, Security and Settlements

News last week highlighted how resolving issues of borders, security and settlements are related and how starting with moves to resolve these issues could open the door to Israeli-Palestinian peace.

The New York Times published an article describing a set of maps for a two-state solution published by David Makovsky, an Israeli journalist associated with the pro-Israel Washington Institute for Near East Policy. The maps basically show how a viable Palestinian state could be created in 95% of the West Bank, while Israel would absorb 5% of the territory and 80% of the settlers, and Palestinians would be compensated with equal land swaps. The maps don't directly address Gaza, essential security arrangements or the tough emotional issues of refugees and Jerusalem, although there are Israeli-Palestinian ideas for resolving these issues as well. See a Summary of the Geneva Accord. I agree with Rabbi David Saperstein who believes, "If the Obama Administration presses actively and fairly for Israeli-Palestinian peace, they can count on majority support in synagogues, churches and mosques across the country."