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One of the most encouraging developments in the last year or so is that the advocacy positions of several major American organizations working for Arab-Israeli-Palestinian peace have converged. At present it is often the case that these organizations will take the same or at least complementary positions on issues related to the conflict and on resolutions and legislation in the Congress. We suggest that you look at the websites of the following organizations, some of which are oriented more toward supporting Israel and some toward supporting the Palestinians — to learn what they advocate.

In addition to these organizations, increasing numbers of prominent Christian evangelical leaders have voiced strong public support for Israeli-Palestinian peace and for U.S. leadership to achieve a two-state solution. See their Letter to President Bush July 2007 and their statement November 2007 at the link below, Evangelical Leaders for Israeli-Palestinian Peace.


While advocacy positions of these organizations and NILI may often be similar, we do not endorse the positions of any other organizations. NILI's advocacy positions are uniquely consensus statements by religious leaders who endorse them.

Americans for Peace Now

American Task Force on Palestine

Churches for Middle East Peace

Israel Policy Forum

J Street, The political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans

Evangelical Leaders for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

We also encourage you to visit the websites of the national religious organizations whose leaders have endorsed NILI statements.

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