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Prayers for Peace in the Middle East

Sustain together in undiminished hope, O God of hope,
those who continue to labor with undiminished determination
to build peace in the land from which, of old,
out of brokenness, violence and destruction,
nevertheless hope emerged for so many of faith. . . .
Bless all the spiritual seed of Abraham together
with the light of your Presence.
For in the light of your Presence
we have found a way of justice and mercy
and a vision of Peace.
We praise you O God, Giver of Peace,
who commands us to Peace. Amen

Rabbi Herbert Bronstein (Emeritus)
Northshore Congregation Israel, Glencoe, IL

God of mercy and compassion,
of grace and reconciliation,
pour your power upon all your children in the Middle East:
Jews, Muslims and Christians,
Palestinians and Israelis.
Let hatred be turned into love, fear to trust, despair to hope,
oppression to freedom, occupation to liberation,
that violent encounters may be replaced by loving embraces,
and peace and justice could be experienced by all. Amen.

The Reverend Said Ailabouni, Senior Pastor
Evangelical Lutheran Church, La Grange, IL

Almighty God!
After almost a century of mistrust and fratricide,
you inspired Jews, Christians and Muslims
to take the path of reconciliation in the Middle East. . . .
We ask for your forgiveness, O God,
yet we find it hard to forgive our past enemies.
May Your Words touch those who still stray
in the wilderness of vengeful violence,
forgetting your command to "forgive and overlook,
till God accomplish His Purpose;
for God hath power over all things." Amen

Abdelwahab Hechiche
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

O God Source of Life, Creator of Peace. . .
Help Your children, anguished and confused,
To understand the futility of hatred and violence
And grant them the ability to stretch across
Political, religious and national boundaries
So they may confront horror and fear
By continuing together
In the search for justice, peace and truth. . . .
With every fiber of our being
We beg You, O God,
To help us not to fail nor falter. Amen

Rabbi H. Rolando Matalon
Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, New York, NY

Lord God, we turn to you in these trying hours when
conflict is a daily reality for our sisters and brothers
in Israel and Palestine. We promise you to work to our
utmost for peace and reconciliation in the region. But we
know we cannot do it alone. We very much need the strength
of your presence in our midst if we are to overcome the
obstacles before us. So our prayer at this moment is that
you add your support to our efforts, that you show yourself
as a tower of strength in those moments when the barriers
seem impassable. Together we can become beacons of hope
for just and peaceful societies in the land so very dear
to the peoples of your covenant. Amen.

Reverend John T. Pawlikowski, OSM
Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, IL

In the Name of God, The Everlasting Merciful, The Cherisher
Of the Worlds and Worthy of all Praise,
Our Lord: You have created us from a single (pair) of a male
And a female and made us into Nations and Tribes that we may
Know one another (not that we may despise each other) so
Help us to love each other and take the hatred and anger from our
Hearts so that the People of The Book (Christians, Jews and Muslims)
In the Middle East may live in Peace and Justice. Amen

Dawud Ahmad Assad
Council of Mosques, USA, New York, NY

Two peoples, one land,
Three faiths, one root,
One earth, one mother,
One sky, one beginning, one future, one destiny,
One broken heart,
One God.
We pray to You:
Grant us a vision of unity.
May we see the many in the one and the one in the many.
May you, Life of All the Worlds, Source of All Amazing Differences
Help us to see clearly.
Guide us gently and firmly toward each other,
Toward peace. Amen.

Rabbi Sheila Weinberg
Jewish Community of Amherst, Amherst, MA

O God of peace, you have established Jerusalem as the Lord's House and a place of peace, and
you have called on all who live there to love you and prosper. Instill in her inhabitants - Jews,
Christians and Muslims - a hunger for justice and dignity and a resolve to end the distrust that
culminates in violence. Grant them the wisdom and patience to build a city where Israeli and
Palestinian reside in safety, free from oppression and committed to the good of all.
In this endeavor, make everyone of us agents of your peace, O God. Forgive us our indifference
and stamp out the prejudices that lead to hatred. Fill us with the reconciling spirit of your
presence. So may we join people of good will - in the Middle East and throughout the world -
who raise before Jerusalem's gates their insistent Shalom and Salaam: "Peace be within your
walls. . . .Peace be within you." Amen.

The Reverends Harry and Judith Hoehler
First Parish (Unitarian-Universalist), Weston, MA

In the name of God, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful:
Guide us on the straight way, the way of those whom thou has blessed.
Help us so that we do not transgress the bounds of what is right and lawful.
Take us out of deep darkness into light.
Make us not bear burdens which we have no strength to bear.
Help us bring about mutual affection and understanding between us.
Grant us Thy forgiveness and blessings, O Our Sustainer,
for with Thee is all journeys' end. Amen.

Mian Ashraf
New England Islamic Center, Sharon, MA

Selections on the Imperative for Peace from Jewish, Christian and Islamic Sacred Texts
From the Hebrew Bible From the New Testament From the Holy Quran
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Sura 43

Compiled by
U.S. Interreligious Committee for Peace in the Middle East and
Office of International Justice and Peace, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Please feel free to copy and distribute this material, using the citation:
From The National Interreligious Initiative For Peace In The Middle East
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